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Hello Ryan,
Here are some more notes I saved from the Jaws List. I am using Outlook now so am not able to check that they are current.

Attach file to e-mail letter
1. Save file to My Documents folder
2. Go to e-mail and create new letter
3. press alt,
4. left arrow to insert, or press alt I
5. down arrow to attach file, and press enter.
6. a. Press shift tab to treview and select file.
If the treview is limited to a few files do the following; If you are in the "Tree View" when browsing, and you utilize the left and right arrows to open and close the different folders, this will work fine until you reach the folder which contains the file which you are trying to locate, i.e. the documents folder. When you reach the documents folder, and it says closed, do not press the right arrow key to open it, simply press the tab key. This will also open the folder and will reveal all of the files and folders within it, not just a select few.
6b. Go to documents folder, select file, but do not open it, just press control C, and that will copy its address. Then paste it into the file edit box in your letter.
6. c. type file name in edit box, include file extension, dot d o c x
7. Press enter

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What is the easiest way to attachments from my desktop pc to messages using web mail? It's not as simple as simply typing the name of the file I want to attach. How do you do this in as few steps as possible?
Please, can some one respond? My windows live mail program is not working and web mail is not my default so I can't simply go to the send link by email option from the file itself.


Ryan Coverdell

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