how to get the site to display genres and stations other than the top New York ones

Ryan Coverdell

I would like to find genres and other things using I
like the fact that it's free and I don't have to (yet) create a
password or anything to listen.

I would like to find stations and genres and such using a browse
feature on the page. Does such a feature exist using Jaws
14 and windows 7? I go to and press enter on genres. But
the actual genre list does not appear. seems to
instead direct me to listen to top stations in New York City. Do any
of you have any suggestions on how to get the site to work? I would
like to contact them and let them know my issues but I'm not sure how
to do this. The site worked a lot better some years ago.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Ryan Coverdell

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