Bookmark in pdf and ppt

Anna Givens

Is there a way to put a bookmark or marker in pdf documents. I have some pdf documents that are readable with JAWS but they are very long and I want to bookmark the section or line where I left off so that I can go right to it next time I access the document. Also I'd like to in a sense "highlight" lines or words. If multiple bookmarks can be placed in the document then I can mark those things that I find particularly important so that I can access just those phrases in the future.

Also I have a question about Powerpoint. I am wondering why pressing F6 does not ever get me to the notes area in a ppt presentation. I am using office 365 powerpoint and i think i have jaws 16, although it may be even older than that, I'm not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Anna E Givens

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