Re: strange keyboard


One suggestion would be to look in the control panel under keyboard.
Sometimes there might be a tab which one can press control plus tab to
called classic keys which is what you are looking for to disable the
keyboard's multimedia mode. You can tab to and check this box to
enable this feature. Now, all keys should act as normal. Sometimes
this feature is also an fn (function key) setting. You may want to
consult the manual or Google.
Hope that helps

On 8/23/16, HH. Smith Jr. <> wrote:
Hello fellow listers,

I bought a new Dell laptop. It is runningWindows10 home and JAWS17(latest
version). The installation went fine; however, there are some key that will
not or cannot work with the insert key i.e.. insert + numpad6, numpad, +,
and some of the F keys such as F8, F7, F11. Everything else works fine. I
spent a lot of time with Dell support with no resolution of problem. They
ran every test they had in their toolbox. The laptop passed every test. I
then called Freedom Scientific and they said the keyboard may be in
multimedia mode. Does anyone know about multimedia mode and how to get out
of it. Help with this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Totally baffled

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