Re: How to use an app-specific voice profile with jaws 17?

Maria Kristic

Here are the steps from JAWS Help:


Selecting a Voice Profile for an Application

To select a voice profile for an application, do the following:

  1. Make sure that JAWS focus is in the application and then press INSERT+CTRL+S to open the Select a Voice Profile dialog box. It contains a combo box labeled Default, which assigns a voice profile that is used globally by JAWS, and the For <application name> combo box, which assigns a voice profile for a specific application.
  2. If JAWS focus is in the Default combo box, press TAB to move to the For combo box.
  3. Press UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW to scroll through the list of voice profiles, and then press ENTER to select a voice profile. The dialog box closes and JAWS now uses the selected profile for the open application.

Note: If you select Use Default, which is the first item in the combo box list, JAWS will use the same voice profile currently selected in the Default combo box for the current application.






From: [] On Behalf Of Delaunay Christophe
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 5:53 AM
Subject: How to use an app-specific voice profile with jaws 17?


Hi all,


I just received my new authorization for jaws 17. Before, I was using jaws 13. So, with jaws 13, I remember I could setup a dedicated voice profile per application.


Now, with jaws 17, I could create the voice profile for the app with which I don’t want the default voice profile but I don’t know how to swith automatically to the wanted profile each time I put the app in the foreground.


How should I do this with jaws 17?


Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Christophe Delaunay

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