Re: Weird keyboard behavior during remote access

Kimber Gardner

Thanks Dave. Hmm, interesting that they seem to know what causes it
yet it hasn't been fixed in all these releases.

I'll try the key tap solution next time it happens.

Thanks again

On 10/24/11, Farfar on Laptop <> wrote:

Stuck modifier keys is a very common occurrence (at least for me with all my
different versions of JAWS and hardware). It's been around since JAWS 3.5
and my old HP pavilion with Windows 2000.

That said, it happens most often for me after using Openbook.

Your case is not unusual.

Don't reboot. Just alternately rapidly tap each of the modifier keys one at
a time. e.g. left alt, right alt, left alt right alt etc. several times in
succession. Then do the same with control, shift, and the windows keys. If
you don't have one of these as a pair, just tap the individual key rapidly.

This sounds crazy but it does unstick the key.

It's not a mechanical problem. It's related to the key code decoding in the
JAWS processing. At least that's what FS support has said for several years.

Dave Carlson
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Hi All,

Not sure how many of you have used Jaws for remote access, but I would
appreciate any help.

When I'm signed on to my work computer via a vpn using remote desktop,
occasionally the alt key seems to stick. That is whenever I press any
key I first hear "alt" followed by the name of the key be that up
arrow or whatever. The only way to unstick the alt key is to reboot
the local computer.

Is there another method for resetting the keyboard and unsticking the alt


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