Re: Using Jaws Scrictly for MathML and Document reading, (sighted user)

Maria Kristic

Hi Ben,


First RE FS, you might want to try Technical Support at (727) 803-8600. Customer Service is more geared to product sales, checking on order status, and such…


Second, RE your question, how about muting speech when you don’t need it (JAWSKey+SPACE, S toggles speech; JAWSKey is either CAPS LOCK or INSERT key) and then just unmuting it with that same command when you need speech to read something to you? Just a thought…


Good luck!  






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Subject: Re: Using Jaws Scrictly for MathML and Document reading, (sighted user)


Hi George, thanks so much for getting back so quickly, I didn't catch her name, she was almost definitely hispanic, going by her accent.  If this helps, I made two calls to FS- Jaws customer service, I believe the second call was the one I talked to this lady on, it was on Wed August 10th at 5:32 PM, I have it listed on my call display as 9 min. long, (including waiting time etc.), I used a calling card, so I can't see what number I called, but am pretty sure it was her call, as i had just called the main customer service line minutes before at 5:29 - 1-800-444-4443, (and I remember making the second call just after that).




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So ben what was this person’s name, please


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Subject: Using Jaws Scrictly for MathML and Document reading, (sighted user)


Hey there! Have any of you guys gone to customer service to get "help" from freedom scientific's tech support personnel?   They have this miserable person working there, she's absolutely awful, I can't believe they would put this kind of person there to help people who are struggling with assistive software.  She just resented the fact that I would even phone in and ask any questions, and she couldn't get off the phone quickly enough. Does anyone have any resources they can go to where they can get reliable help? I need to make Jaws accessible for dyslexia, and turn off all that stupid contextual chatter, as much as possible.  I just want it to read math equations, at a third year university, (chemistry) level.  I have gotten it to work recently, and then today, again I turned it on, and it won't read anything that but the menus and the context.  Need to know what settings will allow me to read the math, turn off the contextual dialogue, and how to save these settings. 


Thanks so much in Advance, 




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