Word crashes when saving file

Bonnie Vegiard

Hi everyone,

I have had this problem for several weeks, so you may have talked about it a while back and I missed it. If you weeks ago, Microsoft word started crashing when I try to save the file. I can save changes to an already existing file, but when I created a new file it would crash every time as I tried to save it. I went on the Microsoft help pages, and I found a post that said that word is now crashing when saving a file while using jaws. So it is a known issue, but there was no sense of when it would be fixed.

Has anyone come up with a good work around for this problem? I have been using WordPad, but that's not a very good workaround.

I am using windows 10, office 365, and the latest version of jaws. I think this started happening before the latest jaws update came out. I wish I had any idea when it would be fixed.

Thanks, Bonnie

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