Re: Using Jaws Scrictly for MathML and Document reading, (sighted user)



         Depending on how long you've had JAWS and whether you could return it you had ought to take a look at NVDA.  It is well suited to reading MathML and there are add-ons, if I'm remembering correctly, dedicated to this.

          JAWS is a marvelous product, but if your goal is having MathML read to you and you don't need a screen reader otherwise this, or if you're the owner of Microsoft Office 2010 or later, perhaps Window-Eyes for Office [which I'm not certain about the MathML support], is a more cost effective option.  There are individuals on the NVDA group that have discussed using it with MathML on multiple occasions and I was looking at it for a client of mine because it has excellent support for that particular function.

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