Re: Are mp3's accessible on Amazon now?


Check to see if you are downloading the same song over and over by doing this, instead of a new song each time.

On a call to Microsoft, I was told that when you down arrow between downloads, the last download is picked, but that when you tab from one to another, you select the next one in a list. At least in Windows 7 anyway.



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Subject: Re: Are mp3's accessible on Amazon now?



Yes once purchased if you tell it no to downloading with their app it’ll prepare you a zip file of your purchases.  This can be accessed both from your after purchase page or from your order history page for that digital order or your music library I believe.  It’s quite user friendly. If you have a shopping cart full of songs and there’s more than one zip file you’ll just have to amend the names of the zip file in the save as dialog box so as not to over write one file over another.  So I just append their amazon name with a number before the dot zip so as to avoid this.

I hope that helps.




From: Bill White

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Subject: Are mp3's accessible on Amazon now?


Has anyone on this list bought and downloaded digital mp3's from lately? Are they now accessible since they got rid of the mp3 downloader?


I am seeking answers, since I want to download some mp3's from Amazon.


Thank you.

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