Re: help for Kindle PC on Windows 10

Charles Krugman

has there actually been a specific update for Windows 10? The last time I attempted to use it was about nine months ago with JAWS 16 and it did not work. According to their web site the last time it had been updated was for Windows 7. If there has been an actual update I’ll try it again but when I contacted Amazon to address this issue I found them to be very unhelpful.

Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 4:16 PM
Subject: help for Kindle PC on Windows 10
I have the Kindle PC software with the accessibility plug-in, and the package speech works OK, but JAWS 17 does not seem to handle the menu very well. I have not been able to follow through to “register” the Kindle with Amazon, and the library doesn’t seem accessible through the menu. Is anyone using Kindle PC satisfactorily?
Thanks for any advice.

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