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paul lemm

Thanks Aaron,


I’ll  give this a try





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Subject: Re: how to activate a clickable link


You should be able to activate a “clickable” element by simply pressing Enter. Here is what FS says:


Move To Next On Click Element. Slash. DOTS 3-4

JAWS only indicates the presence of the OnClick attribute for HTML elements that are not usually clickable. Press ENTER on the clickable element to perform an action or follow a link.”


You can also try to activate the “clickable” by actually “clicking” it via the JAWS Cursor:


1.       Press Insert+Ctrl+NumPadMinus(-) to set the JAWS Cursor to follow the PC Cursor

2.       Navigate to the “clickable” element on the page normally

3.       Press NumPad/ to perform a left-click


I have occasionally run into a clickable that would only respond to a mouse click via the JAWS Cursor. Hope this helps!



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Subject: Re: how to activate a clickable link


I have this question too.


Seems to be happening more and more lately.


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan



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Subject: how to activate a clickable link




I’ve come across links  on a web page  which jaws announces as ‘clickable’ but pressing space or enter doesn’t   seem to work. Is there an alternative way to activate  clickable’s on a web page? I’m using internet explorer, but have also tried chrome and firefox, but still can’t seem to activate them.


Thanks in advance for any help


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