Issues with FSreader 2.0


Hello list,

Recently I have been having trouble with FSReader and was wondering if
anyone else was experiencing the same pproblems.

I have a folder within my Documents called BookShare books where I keep all
the titles I’ve downloaded from I probably have over 600
titles I’ve collected over the years and currently around 20 or so books
that I have unzipped. Once I finished reading a book, I’ll move it over to a
subfolder within the BookShare Books folder called “read”.

Easy enough right? Well, the last few times I’ve opened up FSReader and did
the whole ctl+o to go to the directory to select a new book (I switch
between this foldr and a separate one I have for Newspapers and magazines),
the directory doesn’t seem to update. Books that I have finished reading and
since moved to my read subfolder still appear and new titles that I have
since unzipped don’t show up at all.

I’ve tried doing the whole change directory thing with switching back and
forth between certain folders that have other Daisy books and back to the
Bookshare folder and so on, but it’s still the same. I’ve also tried
creating a new folder and moving the contents from the first folder to the
new folder and still, only the 20 or so unzipped daisy books show up.

I first noticed this with the new JFW 13 beta version and thought that may
have been the problem, but I have recently also tried using FSReader with
the older JFW versions on my pc (12, 11) and still no dice. I’m pretty sure
that this wasn’t an issue before, but now it seems as though no matter which
Jaws version I use, the situation is still the same. Also, I haven’t used
the merge utility in JFW 13 to carry over my older Jaws settings if that
makes any difference.

Again, just wondering if anyone else’s come across this issue and or if it
may be a beta bug or if FSReader on my machine may just be buggy. I know FS
isn’t developing FSReader any more so who knows, I may just report it as a
beta bug as well as to regular support if I can’t get this fixed.

I’d appreciate any feedback.


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