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You are doing a great job with iTunes, but for some of us Win XP Jaws 11 users, We just cant seem to get along with iTunes.
So how about looking at a program that we can use without iTunes?
here is a program that will allow you to export files from iPod or iPhone to the PC.
its perfect for importing voice memos and photos, as well as music.
its not free, but the unregestered version will work fine in a limited way.
when starting the program, press alt+F4 to close the registration window.
also, when you add files, the registration window will open. just alt+F4 to continue.
I have tested this program on a iPod touch 4th gen with IOS 5.
the left side is the treeView and the right sie of the window is the list view.
sort of like out look express, but the tab key will not work to move between the two.
so you will need to use your cursor.
I made some jaws scripts to make it easier.
if you hear jaws announce the word, True, before a file name, this means the file is checked. if it says False, it is unchecked.
you can right click the file for more options.
note, the applications key will not work.
read more and download at

if you want the jaws scripts email me at
But remember, I am not as talented
at scripts as John!

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Hi all,
While I wrap up some last minute scripting projects, I am looking for a new
application to script. I won't be doing any financial applications or office
applications this time, but any other suggestions are welcome.
I've gotten rather quick at doing this so challenges are also welcome.
John Martyn

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