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Yes, there was a major change in the iTunes UI between 10 and 12. You're suffering from that change.
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Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2016 12:45 AM
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I have never used scrip's for I tunes before I  do recall being advice a long time ago to get  scrip's but the truth is up until now I have never had a problem getting around I tunes.
so this is my fall I tunes story. I have been using I tunes fine for years with jaws 12with no scrips , but on the last  I tunes update which I did about a week ago jaws as now stopped working properly in iTunes. so now I have I tunes open and when I alt tab in to the program jaws will say I tunes album table but if I press any curser key jaws will say nothing. now if i press tap it will say  first first search then tab  again my music radio button checked, for you radio button not checked, new radio button not checked, radio radio button   not checked, connect radio button not checked, i tunes store not checked, play list tree view albums 4 of 9,  play list tree view library, playlist tree view edit button, play list tree view music, play list button, play list tree view show,   then its back to albums 
so  as you can tell jaws reads all this fine so I go to album table and curser but jaws says nothing.
now the next strange thing is I go to where the albums are  and curser down then tap along to the songs and if i curser there jaws will read the tracks fine.
so the only bit it wont read as far as I can tell is the bit where the albums are listed.
well as always thinks for reading my raberlings and if any one can suggest any thing to try I would be grateful.
cheers Joe  
From: David Moore
Sent: Monday, August 08, 2016 10:58 PM
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You do not need scripts to use iTunes if you have JAWS 16 or 17. Just wanted to let you know.
Take care
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From: Sharon
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Yes, thit is my issue as well. Cannot find the right version of the scripts from BlindTunes to work with the right version of Jaws.



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Which version of iTunes are you having success with?? I’ve heard the latest several versions aren’t working well with JAWS. Keith


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I use iTunes with the latest version of JAWS, and the only trouble I have is navigating the artist column. What you need to do, is to downarrow, and then up arrow really quick, and then JAWS will read the artist you are on. For example, down arrow three times, and then up arrow really quickly, and you will here the artist that is three arrows down. You also need to have iTunes set up properly. You need to have column browsing turned on by pressing CTRL+Shift+C. This will caus your iTunes display to show three columns. You should have an artist, an album, and a songs columns for a total of three columns that you can just press up and down arrow on.

There are webinars that go over how to use iTunes at the following URL:

Take care,

David Moore


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Subject: i tunes


Hi all


well my I tunes problems are getting stranger and stranger !!

so after a phone call to jaws I was told the reason jaws wasn't working with I tunes was that  my version 12 was just to old, and I would have to by a newer version.

so well I thought before i spend  a whopping 3 hundred and 75 pounds I  would down load the latest demo of jaws and make sure, so I did this. and well it as made no difference I tunes will still not talk to me.

so any way I am now out of ideas so as any one got any thing they can suggest ? and is any one else having problems  with i tunes?  or is it working ok for the rest of you ? and if so what version of jaws are you using with it ?

oh I  would like to add here although I haven't sorted my jaws and I tunes problem out yet the person I spoke to from jaws was very helpful.


thanks in advance Joe

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