Re: media creation tool didn't download new or so it appears

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I went to System in the control panel, could not find About, but pressing the Windows Key, and then insert, control, V, did announce a version. 10.0.185…, so I take it I am not up-dated to the anniversary version?

Cheers Kevin.


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Subject: Re: media creation tool didn't download new or so it appears


You can go to system then to about, and it will tell you the version of w10, which should be 1607 if it has updated.


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On 8/6/2016 9:06 PM, ken lawrence via wrote:

Hi listers I had the windows media creation tool on my computer from a previous repare/install so found it and ran it I selected upgrade this PC now and in roughly 2 hours was back up and running.  the first thing I did was test the edge browser and jaws still couldn’t read it.  the blind bargains post said that edge version 14 should be in the anniversary update of windows.  it doesn’t appear to have done the anniversary update.  edge still can’t read with jaws.  tried something very basic the mobile version of facebook.  is the anniversary update not up as yet or is there something else I should have done.  the computer said I installed windows 10 home.  is the update there yet and if not will I get some kind of notification in the notification center? 


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