the easiest way to send attachments using webmail

Ryan Coverdell

Two step verification is not checked so the reason why my windows live
mail won't configure must be something else. One other thing I'd
like to do that is the subject of this message is easily send
attachments using web-based e-mail. Currently it's rather complicated.
I can't simply type the file I want to attach and expect my computer
to find it. It seems to think I want to always send files from the
same default folder, and I have to mannually peck around and try to
get it to find somewhere new, or else put the file I want into the
default folder (which shouldn't have to be done), and send it. Could
some one explain in step by step detail an easy way to send
attachments via web-mail? Preferrably I'd like you to send it to me
personally as well as the list since I no longer receive the e-mails
from the list every day. Preferrably I'd like you to send e-mails
about both subject since I don't now know why my windows live mail
won't configure. Kind regards, Ryan Coverdell

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