Ribbons In Word

"Kevin Hourigan " <kevinthourigan@...>

Greetings All,

Using Jaws 17, today’s build, Windows 10, and Word 2016;

Is it just me, or have the ribbons in word gone mad.

I pressed control shift S to go to change a heading level to normal text, arrived at styles, but the list of headings was not there. I pressed Alt H, L, and arrived at the same place.  I pressed alt H, enter, (for if I did not press enter I would get the Tell Me What You Want To Do edit field), and tabbed around until I found the list of headings, normal text etc. I found a styles inspector dialog, (whatever that is), some headings reported to have a pop up, (what does one do with a pop up?), and tabbing and arrowing only works sporadically.

Cheers Kevin.

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