Windows live mail will not configure: please get back to me!

Ryan Coverdell

My gmail account will not configure in the windows live program. I got
to the log in where it's setting up folders and it gave me an error
message that login info was wrong. I know my email address and I know
my password. The actual error is below. Somehow google interprets this
as a blocked sign in attempt and sent an alert.


PS. I want to configure my email for windows live mail because
attachments are complicated to send to people in webmail. Folders are
hard to fault and the whole expand/collapse process is confusing. Does
any one using web mail find sending attachments easy and can some one
send me something on how to simplify it along with my wlm stuff/
Thanks. The error is below. It's rather odd, so I wonder if my wlm
program was damaged by malware. I don't know.

Web login required.

Account: Gmail (rmcover74)
User name: rmcover74
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Secure(SSL): 1
Code: 800cccd1

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