step by step keyboard instructions for setting up windows live mail with gmail

Ryan Coverdell

I had malware on my computer last year and at the same time
centurylink updated their settings so my email at was
inaccessible. I was able to configure an older computer at my parents'
house using vista, to at least receive email in windows live. But for
some reason I can't send with this device.

My computer at my own house is running jaws 14 and windows 7. I'm
thinking that I might want to get my windows live mail working again,
if for no other reason than the fact that file attachments are rather
complicated to send using web mail. so here's what I want to do.

I want to set up my windows live mail client for gmail being my
default account. Prtessing the alt key from within the program brings
up various tabs in the message tab but does not get me to the email
accounts tab. So could some one contact me and tell me, command at a
time, how to setr up a gmail account or edit settings in my CenturyTel
account? I'd prefer to use gmail. Please reply to this message,
preferably off list, today.

Kind regards,

Ryan Coverdell

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