Re: more voices for jaws

Annabelle Susan Morison

That sounds like a good idea to me. I used to have a computer from Humanware, that had Keynote Gold on it, but it was made specially for that company. Perhaps Freedom Scientific should contact them about it. By the way, isn't Keynote Gold part of the additional synthesizers they have in the list to be added when you perform a modify operation for JAWS? Also, I have a version of True Voice, but every time I install it via the .exe file I've obtained, then I go to do a Modify operation with JAWS, it still doesn't show up! What's up with that? Here's another synthesizer suggestion, the L&H multilingual Speech Engine can be included on the Voice Downloads page of

From: [] On Behalf Of Josh Kennedy
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 2:16 PM
Subject: more voices for jaws

I have a suggestion for more voices for jaws perhaps you on this list who remember keynote gold multimedia and sapi4 infovox230 could also write to freedom scientific so these could be implemented. 1.                FS should have their own version of Baum international TTS so both jaws, and apps outside of jaws can see and use sapi4 voices such as the free TruVoice under sapi5 a sapi4 to sapi5 bridge. 2. Add Japanese Korean and Chinese eloquence languages. 3. Acquire the old sapi4 Infovox230 multilingual and add it to jaws as a sapi voice so both jaws and apps outside of jaws can use it. 3. Acquire Keynote gold Multilingual and add it to jaws as a sapi4 or sapi5 tts engine choice. 4. Add ESpeak to jaws as a tts choice. Then FS could say we have the most voices when installing jaws.

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