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Subject: Excel 2016 Ribbon Menus


Hi Listers,


I have two PCs, both running Windows 10 Pro, Excel 2016, and JAWS 17.0.2417. On both devices, JAWS is unable to interact with the ribbon menus in Excel. If I press the alt key the only menu I can get focus to is the system menu (restore, move, size, minimize, maximize). I am not able to get JAWS to interact with the File, Home, Insert, etc. ribbons/tabs.


I have tried the following to resolve the issue:


-           Enabled/Disabled JAWS Virtual Ribbon Menus feature, I can’t get to the menus either way.

-          Performed a repair installation of Office.

-          Uninstalled/Reinstalled Office.

-          Performed repair installation of JAWS.

-          Tried JAWS 16 and JAWS 17, same issue on both versions.

-          Tried using NVDA, same issue as JAWS.

-          Tried ribbon menus in other Office applications, the ribbons seem to work fine in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.


Are any other users out there having trouble getting the ribbon menus to work correctly with JAWS in Excel 2016? I didn’t find any reports of other users having this problem, but I am encountering it on two different systems.


If anyone has any additional troubleshooting suggestions, please let me know!



Aaron M. Page, B.S.

EIT Accessibility Specialist

Accessible Technology Services, University of Montana

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