To Unified English Braille Readers


Hello All,

My name is Mark.

I just switched my Focus 40 Blue Braille display settings, via Jaws 17.x in
Windows 10 Enterprise, to U, E, B, Contracted Braille for both input and
output.. I also enabled Braille Markings so as to display bold and italic

Now when I open MS Word, and type in a sentence, containing one bolded word,
I expect to see the U, E, B, type form indicator, preceding the bolded word.

This does not happen. Instead of seeing dots 45, 5, immediately preceding
the bolded word, I merely see the bolded word with dots 36 below each letter
of the word in question.

I called Freedom Scientific technical support but the rep was of no
assistance informing me that he, too, was experiencing the same display

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? This is to say, does anyone
know how to configure Jaws so that type form indicators are properly
displayed when using U, E, B?

Thank you,


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