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Ward Dudley


There is not a link for IE.  There is one for Chrome. 


On 7/19/2016 8:29 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:
Rumola is a captcha-solving service that is similar to Captcha Be Gone but only costs 99 cents a year, which is good for 50 credits, which should be more than sufficient for most blind computer users.  It works with both Firefox and IE and is totally accessible with JAWS.  When you sign up with Rumola using a major credit card, you receive a confirmation email with your log-on password and you’re ready to go.  Whenever you encounter a web page that contains an image captcha, you simply activate Rumola from the IE Favorites Bar or Firefox Bookmarks list and the result is automatically placed into the appropriate edit field.  You can check out Rumola at:
And to test Captcha Be Gone or Rumola or Webvisum with a sample captcha, you can use the following site:
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I don’t use firefox so that option is out. Not aware of Rumola? How does that work and does it work with JAWS ok? Also, do you have any sites I can further test this captcha be gone with?




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I really don’t understand why anyone would pay a ridiculous $36 a year for Captcha Be Gone when Rumola, a similar captcha-solving service costs only 99 cents a year and Wevvisum is still free.  Unless the developers of Captcha Be Gone can demonstrate that it is superior to Rumola and
Webvisum, I would be very skeptical.






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Just tried the new captcha be gone program for solving Captcha’s without sighted assistance. Works great with Jaws latest version. A bit pricy but I guess the independence factor is worth it.

Anyone else using it? I only subscribed for one month but will probably go for the year. Are there some test sites out there I can further test this on? I used the other night while booking some airport to cruise  terminal transportation for an upcoming trip.


To read up on it, go to:



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