Re: name and subject fields not found

James Bentley

Hi Marvin,
This is a problem with the very last release of Jaws 17.  VFO/Freedom Scientific  is aware of the problem and have promised to fix the issue in the next release of Jaws.  Some speculate that the next release will be out in about 3 weeks.
You can revert back to an older release of Jaws if you do not wish to wait.
James Bentley

Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 9:46 PM
Subject: name and subject fields not found
My name is Marvin Kotler and I notice the same things.
Has anyone noticed that with the latest Jaws Update, when you go to read messages in Windows Live Mail, it now says something like, Contact name field not found, and Subject field not found?  This happens when opening an email.

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