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Bonnie Vegiard

Many thanks for all the help with PowerPoint. It has been very useful to check out your suggestions. Somehow it did not occur to me that the best way to access the content would be in slideshow mode. Go figure.


On Jul 16, 2016, at 8:35 PM, Ann Byrne <annakb@...> wrote: has a two-part tutorial on PowerPoint 2010. It's free, and it's very good.

At 05:14 PM 7/16/2016, you wrote:
PowerPoint is one of subjects I'm training to teach.
The F6 key is your friend for jumping through the main sections. Use TAB or ARROW keys to move inside those sections
Main sections are usually the upper ribbon or menu bar;toolbar;thumbnail pane on left; content or slide area on right; and the status bar on bottom oh and the note pane as well! Just explore and you should get hang of it

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On Jul 16, 2016, at 14:04, Bonnie Vegiard <bonnievegiard@...> wrote:

Hi all, I have been looking through the Freedom scientific webinars to try and find help with using PowerPoint, but I can't seem to find much. I use jaws 17, windows 10, and office 2016. I am not very familiar with PowerPoint in general, so I need some basic places to start. Is there any support out there?

Thanks, Bonnie

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