Re: JAWS and installing Adobe products--story not over yet

Sandra Streeter

Well, I THOUGHT I had Youtube, but now it is not cooperating—again! I want to have a sighted person check it out the next time I try, so they can tell me about messages JAWS might be missing. Wondering if I’ve been “banned” for some unaccountable reason, or if I need to go in and change some account info (e.g., inform them of my new password—I don’t remember submitting a password for Youtube use ever, but maybe, years and years ago, I clicked on an item that said, “use this info for Youtube” or “for all Google accounts”... If I just have a setting wrong somewhere other than those issues, maybe there’s a message about that and I’m not picking up on it. Will keep you posted. Has anyone else experienced going to Youtube, clicking on a desired search result, and getting no result beyond the “seek slider, etc,” and other usual stuff—but no video? If so, tell me how you got out of the jam. There is a new item on my Youtube screen about clicking on a photo or something for ID purposes (I know I’m not expressing that well, because I’m not actually looking at that screen—and even if I was, I’m a lousy auditory person, so going back and forth between that screen and this message to get the wording right isn’t an option, and I doubt it would let me copy/paste it in for you all to see).
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