Re: Random Function in Excel

Nicole Massey <nyyki@...>

I'd use randbetween instead of rand in this instance, and here's what I'd
do. Others may have different suggestions.
Put your names in column b, then do a randbetween formula in column a with a
huge number to minimize repetition, say a hundred million. The command is
=randbetween(0,100000000) and put it next to every name in the list. Then
sort the names smallest to largest, using the context sensitive menu or
whatever other sorting path you want to take.

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Using JAWS 17, Excel 2010 and Windows 10. I have an Excel spread sheet with
names in column A on rows 2 through 200. I want to use the random function
to create a formula to use in order to select a person's name to use for
door prizes. I can't figure out how to write the formula. Thanks in
advance for any assistance!


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