Re: JAWS and installing Adobe products

Sandra Streeter

I lied, I couldn’t resist re-starting and seeing if Youtube worked, ONE more time. Well, I neglected to factor in that I had had to change my Google password a week and a half ago—about when Youtube “malfunctioned”. Of course, I had already signed into email because I use it so darn much, but hadn’t made the connection that I might have to sign into Youtube, ‘til just now; when I did, success! The song I’ve been trying to Youtube for over a week? (ironically): “Everything’s All Right” from J.C. Superstar (Elliman version). On a lighter note—little wonder that, at one point, Corey Glover, of Living Color, whose work I always liked, portrayed Judas a few years ago—I see the rough-edged quality Weber and Rice were looking for, and he had to have been fabulous; did anyone attend when he was in that role, and if so, tell me all about the show! Thanks for bearing with me—so gratifying that this has borne fruit, at last. Not sure which variable affected the change, though guessing the sign-in thing (I played with so many issues, though, so who knows—just glad everything’s back in working order; my life is all straightened out now—at least for a while)!
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