free legal office 2016 and adobe cs 6 for a blind it student

Marvin Hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

hi. a it blind student using the jaws for windows screen reader from,

and studying a diploma of software development from,

in australia. i have microsoft office 2010 pro, legally purchased. now looking for a free upgrade to microsoft office pro 2016. where can i get it. my

institution, has had major hassles getting certified from microsoft dreamspark, and partners. not an easy process, and so in the end, they gave up, and

not a partner any more. so, where can i get a free legal copy of office 2016 pro, and also what about adobe cs 6.0 for students, got 5.5 student premium,

but would like to upgrade free to 6.0, and is it accessible with my screen reader? also compattible with windows 10 64 bit pro. can any one let me know

and e-mail me or reply to this. thanks. Marvin from Adelaide, Australia.


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