Re: Using Microsoft Narrator to download and install JAWS

Pablo Morales

Yes, you are able to download jaws using narrator. It is what I did;

Open ie.

Go to the address bar, pressing alt d, and typing the URL of freedom scientific.

Press enter

Now you press control f, to search for downloads

Now you press enter.

Now you press again control f, and now search for jaws, then press enter

Again, ppress control f and search again for jaws, but this time you will be pending of listening which jaws are you finding pressing control f. So when you find the version of jaws that you want, press enter.

It is all,


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Subject: Re: Using Microsoft Narrator to download and install JAWS


Thanks all.


Maybe I’ll go the NVDA route.


Thanks again, Keith


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You could also use NVDA installed on a USB memory stick. You’d have to know the drive letter of the USB drive in order to start NVDA, but you could press Windows R to bring up the run command, and then try different drive letters, i.e. E:\NVDA. If this doesn’t work, press escape, then Windows R followed by F:\NVDA, etc.


The nice thing about running NVDA from a thumb drive is, unlike Jaws, you don’t need to install video intercept or anything else.


You, of course, will need to have Jaws, or another screen reader  running in order to download and install the portable version of NVDA.




On Jul 13, 2016, at 2:46 PM, Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D. <kramlinger.keith@...> wrote:




I have 2 new computers with Windows 7 Pro that do not yet have a screen reader.


I think I’ll need to use Microsoft Narrator to gain Administrative  privileges to download and install JAWS.


Do you think this will work? How can I activate Narrator? Any advice on practical use within Narrator will be much appreciated.


Is there any way to activate Narrator from the Login Screen? I doubt it, but thought I’d ask.





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