Re: Using Microsoft Narrator to download and install JAWS

Soronel Haetir

I am pretty sure win+enter does _not_ work on win7, IIRC it's win+u
there,, though that may just bring up the accessibility center with
speech enabled. If win+u does not start narrator I know the
accessibility center can do so.

On 7/13/16, Page, Aaron <Aaron.Page@...> wrote:

Not 100% sure if this works in Windows 7 or not, but you can give it a try.
Narrator was beefed up in Windows 10, and I know these steps would work on
Windows 10:

Press the Windows Key + Enter simultaneously to start Narrator. This works
at the login screen in Windows 10.
Hold down Caps Lock and use the left/right arrow keys to move between
objects/buttons/controls. This works at the login screen and on web pages.

I was able to use Narrator in this fashion to login, download, and install
JAWS on a new Windows 10 installation. However, Narrator was far less
sophisticated in Windows 7 so this may not work.

I hope this helps!

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Subject: Using Microsoft Narrator to download and install JAWS


I have 2 new computers with Windows 7 Pro that do not yet have a screen

I think I'll need to use Microsoft Narrator to gain Administrative
privileges to download and install JAWS.

Do you think this will work? How can I activate Narrator? Any advice on
practical use within Narrator will be much appreciated.

Is there any way to activate Narrator from the Login Screen? I doubt it, but
thought I'd ask.


Soronel Haetir

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