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Hi Keith,
From what Freedom Scientific has told me, you can have Jaws installed on several computers as long as they belong to you.  I have several versions of Jaws installed onto 5 different computers, & have never had a problem, except for running out of activation keys, which FS always reset my count.  So in short, don't worry about it, go ahead & install, & if you get a message stating you don't have any activation keys left call this number, explain the situation, & they'll be more than happy to reset your activation keys.  Call:  Activation: 1-727-803-8015.
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         When I've needed to do this I've called Freedom Scientific Technical Support.  Typically I didn't even have to uninstall if I was willing to say (and I meant it) that the old machine was being completely retired and/or recycled.  You can, of course, uninstall.

         Typically, if they have this information from the user, they will reset your license to allow a replacement installation on the new hardware.


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