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Page, Aaron

Hi Lex,


The navigation quick-key that should set JAWS focus on the tabs is “C”. Once you have set JAWS focus on the tabs, if you press spacebar or enter you should hear a beep, after which you can move between tabs via the arrow keys. You can then choose a tab by pressing spacebar or Enter. Press Esc to get JAWS out of the tab selection.  


While this is not always the case, many times with tabs JAWS will announce the tab title followed by “Use JAWS key plus Alt plus M to move to controlled element”. If JAWS announces this after the tab title, then you can press Insert+Ctrl+M (Desktop) or Caps Lock+Alt+M (Laptop) to set focus on the tab content panel.


Hope this helps!



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Sent: Monday, July 11, 2016 7:39 AM
Subject: Navigating tabs in a web page


Hi everyone, 

Could someone tell me what keystrokes I should use to navigates tabs on a web page? I'm talking about tabs within a web page, not separate web pages opened in different tabs. These tabs usually appear in the middle of web pages. 

Currently, I know how to read tab titles, but I can't figure out a way how to go from one tab to its associated content area. Also, once I'm done reading a tab's content, I want to go back to tab titles, switch to another tab, and then to read that second tab content. 

I am a web developer and now I help to build websites that are fully accessible to screen reader users.

Thank you so much,


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