More complicated search and replace situations

Gudrun Brunot

Hi gang: Hope Brian or some other tex processing titan out there can enlighten me. Sometimes, I get hold of some text material that contains stuff I just don’t want. Examples include some books I get from the Swedish answer to Project Gutenberg. Some of the books are scans, and, once I put them onto my BrailleNote, I see test strings like {Author:”Jansson}


So, what I want to do is: search for right brace followed by any letter followed by colon followed by end quote followed by any letter followed by right brace. And replace with nothing or a space. Often, I use a space as replacement string to avoid words being glued together. It is then easy to search for space space and replace with space.


What would be the proper syntax for any letter? Similarly, on rare occasions, for indicating any number?


Another situation: I get song lyrics from one of the instructors who teaches Irish songs at the music camp we go to every summer, Rob and I. It is a godsend that he does it, but it requires some reformating, so I can emboss the lyrics in braille and follow along. Most of that, I can accomplish farily effecintley by first replacing all occurrences of two returns with tso asterisks, all single returns with space, all double spaces with space until I get 0 results. At times, I have to use ^k (end of line), if ^p doesn’t work. In rare occasions, neither works, and I have to go to each end of line and take out what JAWS called space, but which acts as a carriage return. Then, things are more time-consuming if we’re dealing with a mighty, narrative ballad. Any idea what that character is?

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