Re: Microsoft word 2007, and replacing tabs with a space.


Bill White wrote:  "As far as the link goes, when I tried to put it into an email, it took up more than one line."

Oh, that happens frequently.  Most e-mail interfaces these days are no longer disturbed by that.  So long as the line wrap occurs as a result of "long link" they still see the link as an uninterrupted string and linkify it correctly.  I do hate the appearance, though, which is one of the reasons is like to use text click-through for links rather than "naked" ones.  It also makes it clearer, at least to me, what the nature of the link target is for the reader.

But, in the end, I think anyone who wants to find that support page and the relevant content that's there can definitely do so at this point!!  The assistance is appreciated.


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