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I'm struggling with the interface with Logitech Harmony Remote. It allows a
single remote to be programmed to issue a series of commands in sequence, to
simplify the control of separate audio/video components.

The initial launch, installation, and the ultimate web interface are all
very inaccessible, even with JAWS 13's OCR.

Off-list I can "loan" you the files to install, but unfortunately in order
to get it running, you need an actual Harmony remote connected via USB. A
long shot, I know, but what a great tool to have for the VI.

Dave Carlson
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Hi all,
While I wrap up some last minute scripting projects, I am looking for a new
application to script. I won't be doing any financial applications or office
applications this time, but any other suggestions are welcome.
I've gotten rather quick at doing this so challenges are also welcome.
John Martyn

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