Re: What is script utility mode"?


"The JAWS® screen reader provides you with a powerful utility to quickly analyze an unknown application. This feature is called the Script Utility Mode.
When the Script Utility Mode is activated, the keyboard is placed in a shifted state. This utility gives you access to system level window information that you can use when scripting an unknown application. You can determine parent-child relationships, windows identifiers, and retrieve information about Microsoft® Active Accessibility® (MSAA®) objects."

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From: Ann Byrne []
Sent: Sunday, Jul 10, 2016 9:39 AM EST
Subject: What is script utility mode"?

Pressing insert+Windows+JAWSCursor puts you into script utility mode.
When I move the arrow keys, it just says 'more characters, some
characters", "Most Characters", ... and doesn't seem to do anything.
What is it's purpose in life and how does a person make use of it.

I am trying to find a way to automatically RE-INITIALIZE THE SCRIPTS FOR
Eudora after I delete an item from a mailbox (listview). Currently JAWS
17 reads the graphics till I delete an item, and then it stops. So I
press insert+control+escape to re-initialize the scripts and it reads
graphics till I delete something else. Would scripts utility mode give
me a way to tell JAWS to continue reading the graphics even after I
delete an item from the mailbox????


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