Re: Jaws 16 and PDF unreadable document

Chris Chaffin

Have you tried the PDF OCR feature in Jaws?  While in the PDF file hit, Insert plus Space Bar, after the sound hit letter O for OCR, and D for document.
This will OCR the entire file and put the results in a separate window.

Now a lot of manuals are very graphical.  For example, when giving you the steps on how to preform a particular task, it will just give you a picture of a button instead of putting the actual name of the button.  So your results will unfortunately just depend on how graphical your manual is.

Hope this helps,


On Jul 10, 2016, at 8:08 AM, renette bloem <renette@...> wrote:

Hi All

My microwave broke; I purchased a new one; downloaded the manual which is a PDF from the Defy website.

Jaws only reads funny things that obviously make no sense.

How does one convert/change such a PDF to a one that Jaws can access with ease as is the case with many other PDF documents?



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