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Sandra, you really shouldn't use 2 or more antivirus programs because they will conflict with each other, on the other hand, having 1 or more antimalware program such as for spyware and other nasties shouldn't create a problem (MalwareBytes Antimalware, and others). however, the more anti malware programs you use increase the chances that critical files may be misidentified as malware and quaranteened, thus slowing down the time it takes for the operating system to boot your computer and for programs to properly work.
be aware that most antivirus programs/suites, these days, generally include their own mechanisms for handling other types of malware and employ other types of protection.

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Subject: now, for an unrelated question

Thanks to the person who instructed me on how to delete the OB icon from
my start-up menu. I haven’t yet had the chance to learn whether that
worked—but will find out tomorrow when I turn on my computer.

Now, to an unrelated question. I’m looking for a free anti-malware
program that is accessible to JAWS, to work in conjunction with Avast.
Any recommendations? I am totally blind, so obviously can’t access
anything visually, and have very limited sighted support, so whatever
can be used most independently would be appreciated. Thanks!

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