Re: "Link" re the "extension" of the deadline for obtaining, for free, the Windows 10 upgrade...

Michael Malver

I do not have the link. At the general session of the American Council of the blind, Microsoft again stated that the extension for people who are blind will be implemented, however they also said that details as to how a blind person would get the upgrade after the date has expired would be forthcoming.

On Jul 6, 2016, at 1:34 PM, HAMILTON <jim.hamilton@...> wrote:

HI Listers:


Could someone send out the link for the “official” story on this extension for persons with disabilities?  I had it a while ago; but, cannot find it now.


This information said, fairly clearly, that persons with disabilities will continue to have access to the “free” upgrade to Windows 10; for how long, I am not sure.


Thanks very much.


Jim H





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