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Sports scores, stocks, and a couple others do not work in JAWS 12. Most have
been fixed with JAWS 13. Wiki has always worked for me in all versions.

Problem with ResearchIt is that it is dependent on the underlying web pages
not changing . ResearchIt breaks when they do, since it needs to have the
key items in a particular place, or via a particular type of web page

ResearchIt will likely always be something that needs fixing since many web
pages are in a state of continual flux.

Dave Carlson
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Speaking of Research It, I have had some success with several categories,
but no success with others. I have used the amazon, area code, weather, and
some of the news sites. I can't get any results with the wiktionary,
wikipedia or MLB choices. I am using JAWS 12. Any hints for more success?

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Hi blake One feature you will like in jaws is called research it. And if you
like sports it has a few neat gadgets for sports.

Kenny Peyatt

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