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Sounds pretty messed up. Why not just delete that sell, and start over?

Dave Carlson
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On Jul 6, 2016, at 10:06, Kevin Hourigan <> wrote:

Hello Ann,
I do not think I am filtering.
I created a list of months in a1:a12 using auto fil, selected c1, pressed
alt A, V, V, for data validation in data tools, tabbed once to allow, down
arrowed to list, tabbed once to source, pressed F 2, and entered the
co-ordinates of the range containing the months, tabbed through the other
options, insuring that in cell drop down was checked, and pressed the space
bar on the okay button. Returned to Excel, hearing the message that the cell
has a drop down, press alt down arrow to view the message, and when I press
alt down arrow I hear the title of another window I have open; in this case
it was in box of outlook since I had it open while I went through the steps
above, and recorded them in this email.
Cheers Kevin.

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Are you filtering? How did you create the drop=down??
At 03:18 PM 7/4/2016, you wrote:
Hello Dale,
I have tried a reboot, and re-creation of the drop down list.
I noticed when I press alt down arrow to open the list, Jaws says not
selected, then if I press enter Jaws does say the range co-ordinates
that contain the text.
Yesterday, when I entered text in the source edit field, Jaws read that
when I pressed alt down, but all at once, not in a list. Today I do not
even get that.
Cheers Kevin.
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Have you tried a reboot?

Denver Dale

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Hello All,
I created a drop down list in Excel 2016,Jaws 17,Windows 10, and when I
select the cell containing it I am told to press alt down arrow to hear
the message, whereupon I hear the title of something I have opened in
another window. Any suggestions as how to remedy this, please?
Cheers Kevin.

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