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David Moore

Hi Mark,
Here are the instructions to upgrade to win10.
Here is the instructions step by step how to install W10. Read through all the step first before you install W10 as there are a few things you have to do before starting the download of w10.
Upgrading to Windows 10 with jaws 16 or 17.
go to:
Download the tool called utility tool, leave it in your download folder.
Download jaws 16.0.4350 or Jaws 17, leave it in your download folder for future use.
Download the Microsoft media creation tool at:
On this web page, Go to download link now, Microsoft will determine if you have a 64 or 32 bit system, they are both built into the tool.
Download the tool and save it to your download folder for future use.
Leave all three of these downloads in your download folder.
Not sure if you have to reserve w-10 now?
Now, if you have not reserved windows 10, please do so.
press enter on the get windows 10 icon in the notification area.
go down the page and fill in your email address. this gives you a verification email.
Now, restart your computer.
check for updates, install any updates, restart to make sure you have all the latest updates.
Now you are ready to begin the upgrade to windows 10.
Run the jaws utility tool, this will get rid of any jaws fragmented files and so on from your system.
Tip, after running the F S tool on your w-7 computer, any time you restart your computer, you will get a message from Jaws saying:.
The mirror drivers are configured incorrectly, press the spacebar on this message.
In w-10, Jaws does not use the mirror drivers, that is the reason for this message.
Next, Run the media creation tool.
yes, for your users account warning.
Choose, update this computer now and press enter.
you are now in an ongoing and updating dialog which says:
Windows 10 is being downloaded, continue using your computer.
This could take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your download speed.
When it is done downloading, it will go through several screens itself updating your computer and will get it ready for windows 10.
Next, there will be a screen asking you to except the license agreement, check the yes and press enter on next.
Again, the program will run through several screens by itself.
Next, press enter on install.
now you will have no speech, this install takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete.
After 1 hour, press the Windows key+enter key to turn on narrator.
Wait for a few minutes if it does not come on right away.
Almost done.
press the next button.
choose express settings.
press the next button.
if done right, in about 10 to 15 minutes, jaws will come on talking on the desktop in your new w-10 PC.
Now, this is very important, uninstall and reinstall jaws 16 or 17.
This will give you the maximum performance in the w-10 environment.
Tips on how to do this.
Go to programs and features by pressing windows+X, press enter on Jaws 16 or 17.
Say yes, for your user’s account message.
Uninstall Jaws, Keeping shared settings and personal settings.
If the Jaws dialog does not tell you to restart, Turn Narrator on, Windows key+enter, restart your computer.
Wait the appropriate time for restarting, turn Narrator back on, Windows key+enter.
Go to your download folder where you have already put the latest Jaws 16 or 17, set up file.
Press enter on the Jaws setup file.
Follow the Jaws prompts, to install Jaws 16 or 17.
After reinstalling jaws, no need for a restart here, jaws will come on talking with all your settings, except for 2 of them.
Redo your shortcut key, control+ALT+j.
Redo the setting to have jaws come on at the log-on screen.
All your other settings will be remembered by Jaws.
For whatever reason if the media tool fails the first time.
Check for updates, restart, and run the tool again.
In w-8.1, this method usually works the first time.
In w-7, you may have to repeat this method two times.

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OK, I am going to take the plunge as the “free” upgrade to Windows 10 will expire at the end of the month.  Are there any helpful tips when downloading and installing the new operating system?  I am reasonably computer literate and I am running the latest build of JFW.


Thanks in advance for any websites to visit in this regard,


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