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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

Yes, that Alt-N-A-F works in 13 for sending attachments. I
was really glad when a list member sent that one and
included it in the tutorial - way funner than running over
to Documents, copying title and coming back to Outlook to

Bye for now,


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In Outlook 2016, if you highlight the folder in your
documents you wish to attach, it will come up when you press
alt N, A, F in your message. Also while you are in your
documents folder you can copy the name of the document, and
paste it in the edit field.
Cheers Kevin.
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If you use Alt+h a f to add an attachment under Microsoft
Outlook 2016 (but not under earlier versions), you are
presented with a list of recently opened files from which
you can select. There's also an option to attach a file that
is not on the list.

Note also that you can show or hide the bcc field with Alt+p
b. In general, the key sequences to access commands on the
ribbon are displayed in braille and spoken by JAWS as you
navigate the ribbon.

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