live messinger 15

Graham Smith <g.smith577@...>


I am using live messsinger 15 with a lot of success. However, I am having one very bad difficulty being that I cannot seem to add new contacts.

The problem seems to be adding people with earlier versions of messinger. I was able to add a contact that was using the same version, we did this by both simply just adding each other, all worked fine, there was no invitation or acceptance boxes involved.

I have tried to add another contact using an earlier version and I have this problem: they are showing in my off line list although they are online, they can send me a message and I receive it in the normal way, however when I try to reply I am told that the following messages could not be delivered.

I am aware of the show as off line options and think this is all good my end.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?



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