Sluggish JAWS 17 when executing some commands

Tim Ford

Hi All,
Am I the only one who has been experiencing sluggish JAWS response when performing commands such as insert f3, insert f5, insert f7, insert f10, insert f11, and the JAWS find command, control f?  Also, the insert space bar series.  When I try any of these, it takes 10-20 seconds before JAWS responds.  If I repeat the command before JAWS comes up on its own, JAWS says “unknown script called for ...” and the blank is filled in with the command, e.g. “links list” if I had done insert f7.
Freedom Scientific has had me try a special repair command, but that did not help.  By the way, this sluggish behavior started about 3 JAWS 17 updates ago, and I just kept hoping a new update would have fixed this problem, but the problems persist.
In case it makes a difference, I am running an HP laptop, Windows 7 Pro, 32 bit, and 6 GB of RAM.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.  And yes, I have kept up and run my anti-virus, and Malware Bytes.  I have all the latest important Windows Updates.  I have cleared out the windows\prefetch and windows\temp folders, all to no avail.
Tim Ford

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