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the first jaws has a thing in researcher that can help with the first. doing insert down arrow you can read the document. get the jaws beta 13 from freedom scientific. Also jaws 13 has basic training files that you can listen or read.

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Dear all,

I am currently using Window Eyes, and intend to switch to Jaws before the end of the year.

I was just wondering a few things that some people on this list may be able to assist me with.

1. How do I obtain a quote (in Australian dollars) to purchase the latest version?

2. How do I read from start to finish of a document/webpage?

3. What are some general keyboard shortcuts that it is handy to know about?

I am a first-time poster to this list, so if you could please indicate you have read it by ticking yes to the dialog box in this message, that would be simply fantastic!!

Cheers, Blake Ison, Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia.
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