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I don't use VOIP, but I heard that or (or .org) are good choices to try. each service has their strengths and weaknesses, i.e. features, services, cost, etc.

there's a podcast at that talks about them.

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Subject: Jaws accessible VOIP service/desktop client

The real question is, is phonepower accessible? I didn't see any
"about us" or any reference to accessibility.

On 6/24/16, Gene Stevens <> wrote:
I’m not sure if this company can help or wy you need to answer calls
with a computer but take a look at

I’ve been a customer for regular VOIP phone service for about eight years
and highly reccomend them.

From: Cristóbal
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016 5:26 PM
Subject: Jaws accessible VOIP service/desktop client

Hello list,

I’m in search of an accessible VOIP desktop client with Jaws as it is the
screen reader I’m using.

I’m currently using Skype and a Skype telephone number. My subscription
comes due in a few weeks and before I renew for another year, I wanted to
see if there was perhaps another option out there that is equal to or more
accessible than skype. I know there’s Vonage and I guess MagicJack and
grasshopper, but I’m also looking for something that I can use to take and
receive calls on a computer with all the regular functions like call
waiting, forwarding, voicemail, etc.

I’m a big time Google Voice user, but the one drawback is that there’s no
real way to easily answer/make calls from the computer with GV/Hangouts
and Jaws. I currently have my GV business line forward to my Skype number
where I can then manage incoming/outgoing calls.

Free or Paid is fine. I’m just looking for something that is reliable and

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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