Re: JAWS not reading when typing formulas in Excel

Ann Byrne

Always when you have a problem with JAWS and Excel start by unloading/reloading JAWS. Sometimes rebooting fixes this. I have seen this often on various computers, but don't know of a relevant JAWS setting.

At 10:20 PM 6/25/2016, you wrote:

Dear List Friends,

Request your assistance in solving the following issue with JAWS 17.0.1806 & Excel 2010 on a Windows 7 computer.

When typing a formula in Excel, if I arrow to a cell to select it, JAWS stays silent & does not speak the selected cell. It used to speak the selected cell in prior versions. For example, If I want the formula, =A2 in cell A3 & after typing = in cell A3, I move with the up arrow to cell A2, JAWS will stay silent. But cell A2 does get selected & the formula, =A2 appears in cell A3. This has been verified by sighted colleagues. Previously, when I moved with the up arrow to cell A2, JAWS would say =A2.

The Excel file is maximised. This problem has started not only in new Excel files but also in old Excel files where it used to previously read during formula typing.

Thanking you all in advance for any & all assistance in solving this problem.

Mr. Sameer Latey,
Mumbai, India

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